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If you are a music major, and struggling to stay on top of your piano studies, you’ve found your internet piano tutor. Class Piano, or secondary piano, is one of the requirements that frequently stands between aspiring musicians and a music degree. If you want the degree, you must PASS CLASS PIANO!

This can be a challenge, because the instrument you are good at is nothing like the piano, and you simply don’t know how to approach the instrument. ┬áTo help you out, I’ve put together a number of courses to help you with technic, reading skills, and practice strategies. I’ve made a special effort to make sure each skill and task is broken down into manageable chunks, and presented in a reasonable pace and tempo, allowing you to finally make friends with the instrument. And once you make friends with the piano, you will know how to practice, how to perform, and finally, how to PASS CLASS PIANO!

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